The primary objective of BORDERx is to collect a large group of voices on the concept of borders and migration. Stories span the globe and spin through time, but the large majority take a deep look at the situation at the Mexico/U.S. Border. We set out to document, in comic book form, contemporary views by artists and writers. We’ve collected fiction, non-fiction, journalist accounts and large collection of first hands accounts of the situation within the infamous detention facilities paid for and managed by the United States government.

The BORDERx project selected The South Texas Human Rights Center as the beneficiary for this fundraising effort. Their unique mission, tireless effort, small staff and small budget were factors in our consideration. While we feel that there are many organizations doing great work on border issues, we felt that this was an organization we could significantly impact. You can learn more about them here.

Two of our contributors, Yvette Benavides and David Martin Davies visited the STHRC in South Texas and other related efforts. David Martin Davies produced these reports for Texas Public Radio/NPR

part 1
part 2
part 3