Financial Backers

BORDERx helps migrants in need by:
Countering fake news and documenting this moment in history.
Raising funds for the South Texas Human Rights Center’s mission.
Partnering with and promoting STHRC, Project Amplify, ASAP and The Innovation Law Lab.
Providing a study guide for teachers and groups to learn more about the border crisis.

We can’t do any of this without our financial backers.
Timothy Sprague
Marco De Giuli
Melissa Cochran
Adriana Cordero
Patricia Campbell
Adrienne Backer
Janice Dees
Liz Linder
Matt Peters
James Paradis
Phil Francisco
Harold Weaver
Kathleen Smith-Wenning
Ashley Enochs
Emily Pardee
Kathleen Smith-Wenning
Jeff Macdonald
Joseph Winn
Eric Diaz
Carrie Buczynski
Megan Bradley
Alicia Young
Sarah Nadeau

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