Project Guidelines

Project Guidelines


Projects should be 1 to 4 pages ideally, but no longer than 8 pages.

Work should not be about Trump, his name, his likeness. This is a project about migrants and asylum seekers. Mentioning Trump is not a deal-breaker, but don’t focus on him.

Comics are preferred, but pages can be splash pages, posters and illustrations.

All work is subject to review and selection by our editorial team.

Tech Specs

Final work must be created or captured at 300dpi or higher. Up-sampling will not be accepted for print (i.e. converting lo res to high res).

Work Size

We strongly recommend that artwork be completed at a larger size than print, the standard is 11″x17″ paper with a drawing area of 10″x15.5″ see this chart for full bleed, trim and safe area dimensions.

Digital art- we recommend the same margins, but the document itself 

File Size

The print size for this edition will be 7″x 10.5″ which will be trimmed to 6.625″ x 10.25″. Please refer to the above guide for more information.

Final artwork should be submitted at print size (to save us some time), if you are not absolutely confident in reducing your work to the final size and correct resolution, please let us know before sending the work in it’s original size at full resolution.

Final work can be submitted as individual TIFF files, uncompressed. We strongly recommend that you DO NOT work in JPG format, it is a lossy format which gets compressed-degraded- every time you save. 

NO PDF’s of final projects.


By submitting your work, you allow us the right to use it in any form: print, digital, video, and other forms that the project may take.

You also allow us to use your work for any future editions as long as the proceeds go to initial cause-raising funds for border relief.

We reserve the right to refuse any work for any reason.

The creators of the work may reissue or submit work to other publications after the project is complete or the work is rejected. Please avoid simultaneous submissions and publication.

The creators of the work reserve all rights to the work, its contents, characters and properties.

This is not a legal document. You will be asked to sign a submission form along with your work.

These guidelines will be added to/altered as the project evolves, so check back before completing projects.